"Hi friends! I'm a Yoga + mindfulness teacher, holistic health coach and mental health advocate.
Being a HSP, introverted, trauma survivor womxn with GAD.. I've always been aware of my differences. The issue is that I didn't always see my value - in fact, I internalized a lot of messages: from the media, from the systems we have built.. that different isn't good.
My life's work has been UN-learning this harm and learning to love myself in a radical way. The biggest piece to my self-healing puzzle fell into place when I started studying Yoga Therapy after I ended an exhausting career on boats serving and teaching Yoga to guests onboard.
I learned how to listen to my own needs and inner wisdom + how to take care of my mind + body in a radical way. I found confidence and an unapologetic sense of self. From there, I learned how to set boundaries and reclaim space for myself. I started unapologetically thriving in my own way.
Now I build online Yoga based coaching classes and programs in order to share this freedom with others."
- Jess Strunk

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